Business development

Proactive support and guidance for companies seeking to develop their activities on the German or French market.

ipn-eurocentre has over 30 years’ experience in defining and setting up distribution structures in Germany and France. Here are some of the key factors for successful distribution in Germany or France:

  • Acting under your own identity in Germany or France, in accordance with German or French legislation
  • Set up an effective sales force (external/internal) that meets the requirements of the German or French market
  • Create transparent distribution structures so that malfunctions can be identified and corrected in time.
  • Not entrusting the entire marketing process to a single third party – agent, importer, etc. – on the pretext that German or French commercial development is complex

    We provide the following services:
  • Developing an appropriate sales strategy in collaboration with your company
  • Defining and identifying target groups
  • A systematic approach to target companies
  • Key account prospecting
  • Finding distribution partners
  • Support during meetings and assistance with negotiations
  • Recruiting German or French sales representatives
  • Systematic reporting