Franco-German Business Center

ipn-eurocentre, Franco-German Business Center welcomes you!

Since 1992, ipn-eurocentre, the French-German Business Center has been contributing to the commercial development of companies on the French and German markets.
By relying on our services, your company can operate in Germany or France, the German or French way.

The key advantage: acting on site and in the local language to highlight your strengths!

Ipn-eurocentre’s commercial services provide your company with proactive, flexible, and customised tools for an effective implementation of your commercial strategy on the German or French market.

Efficient communication

Customer proximity

Minimised costs

Our services

Planning to grow your business in Germany or France? We have the business solutions you need to succeed!

ipn-eurocentre’s business development services and its French-German Business Centre cover the needs of SMEs and SMIs seeking long-term success in the German or French market.

implementation of these tools is specified with each of our clients, in a flexible and individualised manner, so that we can guarantee optimal use of resources for guaranteed success.