The sales & marketing tools

The operational platform of the ipn-eurocentre Business Center provides all the necessary tools for a well-balanced development of your business in Europe. Of course, the actual use of the different means made available to you depends on your project, your products and the type of client targeted. An individualisation of each and every step to be taken is necessary and guaranteed.

At the same time, all of our clients have something in common, they have the possibility to work and communicate in the local manner, as appropriate. Acting under your own corporate name - by including, or not, distributors or sales agents - you are in a position to better communicate with your partners and clients, to reassure them of the longevity of your presence in Europe and to develop your reputation in the market place.

In this manner you make your European clientele feel secure and, in addition, you have, at all times, the means to act directly, and with complete transparency in the market and on its actors.


The business incubator center ipn-eurocentre - Your presence "locally"

  • Professional address in the target country
  • Dedicated telephone line
  • Qualified multilingual personnel
  • Local representatives
  • Simplified management of subsidiaries
  • Efficient administration of sales activities

Sales support ipn-eurocentre presence - Your tailor-made sales initiatives

  • Active sales assistance
  • Key-Account Management
  • Systematic prospection
  • Optimisation of distribution networks
  • Market tests
  • Management of the sales force