The concept

Act locally, avoid fixed costs

France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland are the key markets in Europe. The opportunities to increase revenues and for development are numerous and attractive. 

At the same time, the differences in mentality and the communication barriers sometimes make business success uncertain. It is difficult to contact the final client directly, or, to put in place, and effectively manage, a distribution network. One solution to these obstacles is, of course, the creation of a subsidiary. However, at the outset, the investment is often too significant. It is precisely at this stage in your growth strategy that the Business-Centers ipn-eurocentre come into play.

With no upfront investment, you "become" French, German, Spanish or Swiss ; with our business tools you act locally using your own identity. In this way, you can efficiently structure your business presence, and react instantly and easily to market demands.

This allows you to meet an absolute necessity - proximity to your client base !